New Elite WRC wheel not powering up on V2.5 base

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Hello all. I've been rocking a csv2.5 wheelbase with a Formula V2 wheel for the last 6 months or so on a Ps4. My experience has been amazing. I've had many setups in the last 2 decades. This one is by far the best hands down.

Recently I got a new elite WRC steering wheel for some rally and drifting fun. When I turn on the base the wheel does not power up after the base calibration. The WRC wheel does not respond to changing any modes, PC, PS4 or otherwise. No lights, no nothing...I can't even get the PC to recognize there's a wheel attached to the csv2.5 base. The PC sees the base but no wheel. Put the Formula V2 back on, ta-da. Wheel appears in the PC's device settings with the Formula csv2.5.

Sometimes when putting the WRC wheel on the white strip light at the top of the rim will come on just briefly and then goes out. Not always, just sometimes.

I've also noticed when the WRC wheel is attached the 4 red ring lights around the start button start to blink in a clockwise fashion. Take off the WRC and replace it with the Formula V2 and they stop blinking and stay solid

I'm hoping there is something simple I am overlooking but I'm concerned I might have a dud. Any direction or assistance is greatly appreciated.


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    New Update: I'm a big dummy. Rule#1 whenever you get a new Fanatec product. Download the specific Fanatec product driver to your device settings on your pc before you connect your base and wheel. Only then will your pc detect new firmware. Happy racing.

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  • Thanks. I'm having exactly same problem only on xbox!. V2 formula wheel and v2.5 base and a dead wrc wheel! Will try the update !

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