fanatec wheel formula v2 configure in f1 2019


Just received my fanastic wheel and it is working in f1 2019.

However I see that the game the buttons are not presented as on the wheel. It seems like the keyboard is mapped but the wheel is working.

I would expect to see A X Y B etc, but I see 2 3 1 5 6 as option in the game.

In settings I see that keyboard preset 1 is enable but also the fanatec wheel form v2.

Does anyone now how the game reprents the buttons on the wheel as A X B Y? I cannot disable / remove the keyboard preset. Or is there another way?

I downloaded all the latest drivers and as said the wheel is working fine, it is only the presentation in the game




  • The wheel does not represent the Xbox buttons. It only represents the actual button numbers.

  • Thanks Maurice. I am looking for someone with more experience then myse;f on this item.

    BTW I am on a windows PC.

    ok, does that mean I need to map it myself...

    I would expect that my wheel is recognized and the icons are as in the picture below. Now I just see keyboard related icons.

    Is this correct? May I expect the steer icons and shift paddle icons in menu? Even so as below X unbind A select etc?

    Would be nice if this is automated by selecting the fanatec wheel in the menu


  • The icons in your screenshot are from the Xbox game version. In the PC version its not possible to get this icons being shown, only the button numbers.

  • Hi Maurice,

    You have shifted me in the right direction. When i let go of the markings, i could adjust all button indeed in the game settings. I have mapped teh button with help of the conversion table provided by Fanatec.

    Only thing is that the button figures ( A X B R etc ) are totally unrelated to the function they have :-(. Wish i had ordered some new button caps as well :-)

    So I am looking for the best mapping for all functionality, any tips or experiences?

    Thanks for your assistence, very helpfull!!

    Greets Heino

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