CSL Elite PS4 Steering Wheel Broken

I have had my CSL Elite Steering Wheel for PS4 just over 1 month now and after feeling that the wheel was slightly loose, I checked the underside and found the plastic where the locking screw attached the wheel to the base has completely snapped. I am frustrated as I have been very careful with the wheel, so believe it has broken under normal use. I cannot find a support email to get this replaced / repaired. Can someone help please with how I can get this resolved and whether this has happened to them too? Thanks.


  • You need to open a support case through your products in the webshop directly. And yes this has happened to others as well so I am sure you will get a new wheel asap when you contact the support.

  • Thanks for your comment Maurice. i have raised a support email so hopefully they come back to me asap. It says they will reply to my email in 2-3 working days. I will update this forum with the outcome as soon as I have one.

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