Spare parts for Formula(v1) wheel rim?

Is it anyhow possible to get plastic parts which are around top buttons and which extend inside to circuit board so screw can tighten them from another side. It seems that I've dropped my wheel one time too much and now I something like 4 or so of them are broken in wheel. Two pin severely and few little bit less, but buttons are now loose 'cause of that.

So are those available from you as a spare parts? Of course I could try to superglue them somehow but don't know if glue can hold them.


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    Hi Rami,

    You would have to contact support to see if they can help you with those parts..

  • Yes, get order in, they sent the parts and I managed to fix my old F1-wheel. Installing those parts were little fiddly, didn't wanted to take apart whole wheel so just some of screws off and then little bit "circuit board bending" but everything went ok.

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    I noticed a few days ago that my outside buttons were "loose". After taking the top cover off I just found the same issues in my wheel as in the OP. I was looking for replacement parts and I found this post. My wheel was always mounted on the cockpit so there was never any dropping.

    I think it is a big ask from those plastic collars to withstand the pressure we put on the buttons. Especially the ones on the side where the circuit board is not as rigid and flexes more. In my case I found 3 of them broken. One was the DRS button which I could accept I pressed harder on during races, but the other two were just "menu" buttons that I do not use while driving. My conclusion is that even if you replace them they might "wear" again. I made a bit of an enhancement to my wheel.

    I had some pads with a sticky side and cut a few small pieces. They compress a bit but not much. The idea is to provide the board with a bit of extra support. The one at the handle is the most important one since it prevents the board from flexing. The other three are for good measure. After putting the cover back, the buttons are no longer loose even with the broken collars in place. I intended this to be a temporary fix but now I think I will leave it in even after replacing the broken collars.

    I know is about 2 months later, but I hope it helps.

  • Hi guys!

    I have the exact same problem! I emailed fanatec today, but my hopes were so low until I found this post 2 hours after the email... :)

    I tried to open the wheel in hopes to fix the right joystick, but it appears its not really possible to fix it since its an enclosed unit... so when putting everything back, I damaged 3 of the plastics around the buttons and im so lost not knowing what to do... maybe we can buy these from Fanatec?

    Regarding the joystick, I dont know if we can buy it, but it still works with a bit of force... would be better a new one 😅

  • Just spoke on the phone with support and they will try to help me out.

    I was asked to make a support ticket through the website and add some pictures. But I might be lucky to get those supports from them.

    I need to wait for their reply.

    Fingers crossed 🤞

  • Let us know how you solved the issue. I have the same issue with the esports wheel, one of the plastic collars broke after 2 weeks. Never dropped the wheel or anything, maybe I just used the button too much. :D I don't want to send the wheel back for RMA as I don't really care about those plastic pieces if the buttons work ok. But if it can be repaired, I would do that.

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