[Solved] Changing ITM page for BME when having DD base

It seems the BME is always showing the Legacy page.

When holding Tuning Button, FunkySwitch left or right, it changes the page for DD base display.

When holding FunkySwitch ON, press Tuning Button does not change the page for BME display.

I'm trying to use FanaLab as well But looks like I can only select the page for DD base (marked as the white star). There is no selection button for BME (attached screenshot).

Is there any way to change the ITM page for BME alone?

I have a DD2 base and BME both upgraded to latest version.

P.S: found the issue in the release note of the latest driver:


BME known issues:

  • Still only ITM page 1 available until freezing issues of page 2-5 are solved. More ITM related topics will be covered in the upcoming FanaLab thread.


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