Stock ?

Hi, could I find out if there will be restock for the following products soon :

  • CSL Elite Wheel Base + - officially licensed for PlayStation™
  • CSL Elite Streering Wheel McLaren GT3 V2



  • I have been searching the same thing for a whole month now. McLaren rim will be avaliable in 17 march. But it seems like there is no information about the csl elite. In US and Australia website they are still avaliable however in Europe website it stated that it will not be restocked and you can not even find it in the shop. I have heard rumors about fanatec working on a new wheel base for ps5. But like I said it is just a rumor. Maybe that is the reason why they are not restocking it. Also I read somewhere that Fanatec was planning to produce starter level wheels which are more budget friendly. This concerns me a lot because a sim racer on a pc probably take it serious and want a good quality product however a ps4-ps5 player will not be playing lot of hardcore sims so I dont think the quality wont matter to them as pc players. This whole thing gives me an idea that these new and cheaper products will be for ps4-ps5 and they will not produce any mid-high priced and good in quality wheels

  • I am the same concerns mentioned above and, I hope Fanatec could provide an official statement about the restock of the CSL Elite Wheel Base in EU.

  • I ordered csl elite v1.1 with wrc wheel. They shipped wheel but no wheel base.

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