V3 pedals

Having a few issues with my year old pedals.. I only play f12020 on the ps5, and since playing on ps5, Iam getting my throttle sticking on sometimes, and also the rumbles on the brake and throttle stick on a lot.

It's annoying because if your in your league race and the throttle decides to stick on full, I have to disconnect it from ps5 and plug bak in again, and that seems to work.. Any ideas why this is...


  • I also have gas pedal problems with F1 2020 and PS4 pro.

    I calibrate the gas to 100% full throttle, but after a while it suddenly subsides. Last league race in the middle of the race only 85% accelerator pedal position at full throttle.

    A new sensor didn't help either ..... It's a shame Fanatec at the price. Hopefully the V4 will come soon.

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