Webshop support response time

how long is the typical response time from fanatec support i have a lost parcel from ups since last week got a claim going on with ups and they are searching for the lost parcel and i have emailed fanatec webshop about it and i have heard nothing back from when. its frustrating that i cant use my new CSL Elite wheel base and CSL Elite Streeing wheel P1 or the Brake Loadcell kit cos i have no Pedals cos they are lost in the UPS world


  • Hi John,

    Normally you should receive a response within 24-48hrs however they are overloaded currently, as you can imagine. As hard as it might be, you’ll have to be a bit more patient.

    When did you send the email to Fanatec?

  • yes fanatec webshop email

  • Which day last week?

  • friday still waiting

  • Minus the weekend it's only been two days.

  • well maybe it is 2 days thats a bit slow for me ups has still not found my parcel last scaned was the 27th april so if fanatec could do there own investigation they could see that 1 item has not been delivered and it could be lost and maybe sent out a replacement for me and if ups finds that lost parcel send it back to fanatec

  • They will respond to you and at least you have UPS looking into it.

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