New to Fanatec and could use some help

Hey guys,

I just bought and received my CSL Elite+ F1 Esports bundle and I am trying to figure out how to update it. I have a Macbook Pro for a computer and a PS5 for a system. Sorry if this has been discussed before I am new to Fanatec and this forum.

Thanks in advance.


  • There is no mac compatible updater - Fanatec have not ported it to Mac OS. You will either need access to a Windows machine or install Windows on your Mac, either via Bootcamp or Parallels. I used to be Mac only and tried both Bootcamp and Parallels and they both worked perfectly to update.

  • In the same boat with PS5 and Mac.

    As Gary says I installed windows on bootcamp and updated that and worked fine.

    Bit of a hassle but planning on iracing maybe so no major this end

  • Same here. I ended up going to walmart and buying the cheapest ($250) "everyday use" Windows laptop from Walmart. You'll be surprised how often you connect a PC to the wheel base for updates or calibration and calibrating again after a tweak to pedals, wheel, shifter, etc..

    I suggest getting a buttkicker 2 for your set up. Really brings some immersion to the game. About $170 plus a optical splitter and digital to analog converter with optical port for your soundbar. I have a post that covers this but I have a NLR GT Tracks rig that had a bracket for the buttkicker. Not sure yours does. Sorry to get off topic but just a suggestion for us console guys!

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