Clubsport V3 brake calibration setting is fluctuating wildly at rest


As it says in the subject line, my Clubsport V3 brake pedal has started acting very strangely. When I go to the Fanatec Wheel Properties page (where I calibrate the pedals' travel), the vertical calibration bar indicator for the brake pedal is fluctuating between about 20% and 50% of its range. I've noticed that during recent sessions (in rFactor2 in a Radical SR3), the car often appears to be significantly down on power, and my investigation quickly led me to this. It makes sense that the game thinks the brake pedal is depressed up to 50% when I'm not even touching it could create a significant amount of drag on the car's ability to accelerate.

What can I do to troubleshoot, and hopefully quickly resolve, this problem? I'm in a bit of a state of panic, because I have a 3-day real life race school at Atlanta Motorsports Park starting on Thursday 3/18, and was planning on spending a good chunk of the next several days practicing driving AMP on the sim to prepare, so resolving this quickly would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.


  • I forgot to mention - when I pull back on the pedal, I can make the brake pressure indicator bar go to zero, but I have to pull back on it fairly hard to keep it at zero. Hopefully there is something I can adjust to keep it at zero when I'm not touching the pedal. I'll play around with it while waiting for a response.

  • Also, I'm using the RJ12 cable connected to the wheel based, as I have since I started using the sim. Would using the USB connector to the PC make any difference?

  • You can set the minimum value in the calibration page if you deactivate auto calibration.

    You wouldn't happen to have the performance kit and have put in lots of preload by the way?

  • Thanks - yes, that's what I've been doing. It just alarmed me that there was such a high level of brake pressure indicated when my foot wasn't touching the pedal, and that it was fluctuating so much.

    My auto calibration must be deactivated, because when I go to the Fanatec Wheel Properties page, I can manually set the min and max brake pressure and throttle and clutch positions. But for future reference, could you please remind me how to turn auto calibration on and off?

    I'm able to correct the problem by pressing the Set Min button for the brake pressure calibration after letting the blue bar go to about 40% of its maximum range, but this seems like a bandaid solution - this much fluctuation of indicated brake pressure at rest can't be normal. And I have to keep doing it periodically to keep the brakes from activating while I'm driving. Is there something I can do to permanently correct the problem and keep the brake pressure at zero when I'm not touching the pedal, without have to go in and constantly recalibrating it?

  • Don't use the preload when using the performance kit.

    Just take up the slack and leave it there.

    I am not in front of my PC right now but I think auto calibration is a check box in the same page as the manual calibration.

  • Ah, thanks. I was running a little preload - pretty close the the setting that came from the factory. I set the preload to the minimum, and recalibrated the brake pedal.

    I've seen that auto calibration check box you're describing in videos, but I'm not seeing it on my manual calibration page.

  • If you deselect this box then auto calibration is enabled

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