Clubsport Universal Hub not recognised by PS4 DD1 on PS5

I am trying to use the clubsport universal hub on PS5 with the PS4 compatible DD1, and it is not recognised by the PS5 when in PC mode as instructed by the manual.

The only way i have found to get it to work is to first boot up the wheelbase into PS4 mode by using the ps4 F1 wheel rim, then turn on the Ps5, then hot swap to the universal hub. After doing this, with the wheelbase still in ps4 mode, it works fine.

Drivers have all been updated (no new update for the universal hub according to the software, as greyed out)

Any ideas how to get the Universal hub to work on PS5 as intended without having to swap wheelrims every time ?


  • On Playstation the PC mode is not working, the base has to be put into ps4 mode, that's intended and normal.

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