CSL Elite pedals... possible potentiometer problem?

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I purchased the CSL Elite pedals on November 3, 2020. Today, I noticed that the gas pedal wasn't acting properly. I checked it in Windows game controllers and found that during the initial pedal travel, the signal fluctuates wildly. Once I get past the initial pedal travel, it appears to work OK. Here is a video of me slowly pressing the pedal through it's full travel twice. You can see how it jumps around during the first part of the travel. (The video is from the utility "DIView". I couldn't get the Windows game controller window to record).

I tried reseating the RJ11 cable and the USB cable. I also tried a different USB port.

Brake pedal (load cell) and clutch are both working OK.

Should I start an RMA?


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    Hi Scott,

    Yes, I suggest you initiate a RMA. There are tons of stories about the CLS potentiometers (pots) failing, even though yours are quite new.

    Fanatec should have no troubles helping you, but this will be temporary as the pot is likely to fail again.

    Personally, for my CLS pedals, I went for a hall sensor mod which is contactless and more durable. The quick fix in the meantime would be to clean the potentiometer with some deoxit cleaner.

  • I upgraded from the G29 due to failing potentiometers. I assumed that the Fanatec pedals would be of a better quality. I reckon I was wrong.

    I have the load cell brake upgrade, so what was once the brake pedal on the CSL pedals is now an un-used clutch pedal. Could I swap the "clutch" for the gas pedal, or is there a different spring/pot on the brake/clutch that would make that a bad idea?

  • No sweat, you can totally interchange them. The wire has a sticker on it just for identification purposes, but the hardware is identical. Just do your calibration as usual

  • Thanks for the info David. :)

    RMA request sent. Awaiting further instructions.

  • Did the swap. Not a fan of the stronger spring in the brake/clutch pedal. Will probably swap back when I receive the replacement gas pedal.

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