V3 pedals

Recently received my new pedals but after initial calibration the brake pedal keeps spiking that a bad ground , checked my wiring and tried to recalibrate but no luck any suggestions would help


  • I have the exact same problem with pedals installed today. The brake pedal is unusable, jittering at 0 travel, jittering at 50% and drifts massively. I have tried auto and manual calibration.

  • Update: the brake pedal is now dead. No response from support line, it's hilarious they are apparently only open two hours per day.

  • I've done the brake upgrade about 2 months ago and I constantly have to recalibrate or reinstall the software or umpteen other things. It is to the point right now I am so fed up with these pedals that every time something else happens I hear this little voice in the back of my mind saying "Heusinkveld".

    Nuff said.

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