Fanatec Wheel and in game control setting issue

I have a Fanatec CSL Elite Wheelbase which I'm trying to get to work with Assetto Corsa. My issue is no matter what wheel settings I have, if I apply any in game 'Gain' in the controller settings, the steering wheel and pedals do not operate smoothly or at all. Regardless of whether it's 1% or 150%, the wheel and pedals will only work as they should (albeit without any FFB) with the gain set at 0%. I've spent days looking at various YouTube setup videos and looked a various forums for help but nothing seems to be working. I have uninstalled ACC and reinstalled it, I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for the Wheel and pedals, i have tried various settings on the wheel and also in the ACC and have checked Steams controller section which I couldn't find anything wrong there. At this stage nothing has made any difference. I am new to all this so my knowledge is pretty limited. Any ideas would greatly appreciated.

I do have a YouTube video briefly showing what the wheel does with the Gain off and on.


  • I have a very similar problem in AC - the wheel turns so slightly in game I have almost no steering at all, but the FFB seems fine. Help needed - please.

    Also, new symbol on my wheel - what does this mean - [n] ?

  • After about 3 weeks of searching I came across a post that suggested trying a different usb port on the tower. So I changed from one the ports at the back of the tower to the top port and hey presto, it worked! I have since found that there is an issue with some of the usb ports on the back of my tower. Maybe this might work with you. Good Luck.

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