ClubSport V3 and Thrumaster function and setups?

Just bought CS V3 pedal set and set up it with Thrumaster T-GT wheel base. Since Monday I have tried different variation on brake pedal set plastic plugs and solution now is 13mm green x 2 pcs. My problem it is braking pressure balance. On the point of braking, yes it rise as it should. But when you start reduce braking pressure pearly few mm, brake force reduce really quick. Until push again it rise up rapidly. That caused wave effect through the braking process. Locked tires, bends to over long, over steering etc etc. As usually with Thrumaster pedals and compared now CS V3 pedals I need start braking 10-20 meter before common braking point. And car lost grip easily from rear tires just before apex.

I have set up brake pressure in driver program FCS V3 and then iRacing. iRacing setups has set as Fanatec guide recommend.

There must be some fail in some setups or somewhere else or/and pedals and wheel base are not "cooperating" at all. If anybody have any tips to give this combination of pedal-wheel base , are welcome, thanking in advance. Too expensive set give to garbage driver.

Fanalab V1,53 for what purpose that program?


  • Addition to this, cable connection from pedal to PC right now is USB. From pedal to wheel base there is no cable. CS V3 wire does not fit to T-GT wheel base.

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    Have you updated the V3 pedal FIRMWARE(not DRIVER), using the USB cable?

    Are you manually calibrating the V3 pedals after every time you make an adjustment to the brake preload screw? Including setting minimum and maximum, as well.

    Those settings must be manually calibrated EVERY time you adjust the preload.

    You MUST use USB cable with your setup, as well. Not the RJ12 cable

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