deleted posts ?

Today I made new post in Wheel Bases (and Racing Wheels) subforum. It was about some issue I noticed on my DD2. However after I edited the first post in order to include some photos and additional observation, my topic was deleted !

It really is not a big deal but I thought this forum is to help the users and community dealing with different issues and problems.

I dont know why and who did this, but I am disappointed from this attitude to customer who owns multiple Fanatec devices. I demand to understand why?



  • Suspect incompetence before assuming malice. It almost certainly was not deleted. The forum is broken. Been like this for months. Nobody at Fanatec can fix it - too complicated.

  • Damn .. is it so difficult :(

  • I believe company like Fanatec which is pretty big brand in nowdays could offer proper forum software (and web pages), this one is like bad joke!?

    I lost also my post and I´m sure it wasn´t admin who removed it.

    btw, If I can steal thread little bit, Gary You wrote to someone about V3 brake pedal vibrating that check "little spring holder"...what that means?

    I have motor under pedal which working correctly but can´t feel anymore nothing with sol, before it was pretty strong feeling like it´s still with gas pedal 🤔

    Age is under year so still on warranty.

  • Well a few weeks back i got admin rights for some parts of the forum and i was able to delete posts...

    But yeah, the used forum software isn't the best example of proper designed and working community software ;)

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