WRC wheel buttons

I'm using the CSL Elite+ F1 bundle on my PlayStation, and I just ordered the WRC wheel to use with it. Is there any option to get PlayStation button caps (like circle, square etc) for this wheel? Is the button caps and sticker set compatible with this wheel?


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    No, the Button Caps and Sticker Set is not comaptible. CSL P1 (and WRC) uses completely different buttons. You would need to have a look at ebay or ask the support if they sell you the Playstation Buttons.

  • Did you find a solution in the end?

  • I'll probably make little stickers to put on the buttons themselves. It does get a tad confusing.

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    How did you figure out which button equates to which action on the PS4? Trial & error?

    Been searching for answers everywhere, couldn't find any source mentioning how the buttons are equivalent on PS4.

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