McLaren GT3 V2 a bit weaker FFB ?


I got my McLaren wheel couple of days ago and I absolutely love it, just one thing puzzles me, and that is the fact that at the same level of FFB settings, the FFB feels a bit week and dull in comparison with my Formula Carbon and even the quite heavy CS 911 GT3 (CSW 2.5 base).

This is not really an issue, I can just lower the Max force at irFFB (at a cost of around 1% clipping) to get the strength I desire, I just wondered - why is the FFB the weakest on the lightest wheel? Is it the shape of the wheel, thus weight distribution not giving the same feel of tension on the hands? Or is it the plastic QR lowering torque even on CSW 2.5? I would love to hear from people who switched to CS QR if it´s worth the price (meaning if there is difference in FFB etc., because so far, I don´t mind the CSL QR at all as far as mounting goes).


  • I have also switched from podium porsche 911 gt3 to mclaren v2 (on DD2 base). I directly mounted metal QR in order to enable high torque mode.

    In ACC, same settings for both wheels, I feel like ffb is slightly lighter on mclaren compared to the porsche. I guess that probably the base outputs the same torque, but feels different because of lighter weight and different hand grip of the mclaren wheel.

    I just raised a bit the ingame ffb gain and a bit ffb in the wheelbase settings, and now they feels pretty similar.

  • Yeah, if you own a DD, then CS QR is a no brainer. Thank you for the answer.

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