McLaren GT3 V2 rim loses connection

Hello, I have been using this steering wheel for a month and there was no problem until today, I raced in ACC and during the race the steering wheels disconnected, maybe someone has an idea why?I'm attaching video, all drivers are new.


  • Same issue as you, losing all FFB, and Paddles becoming useless.

  • If you haven't already done so, contact Fanatec support.

  • what did they reply?

  • Jorge MorganJorge Morgan Member
    edited April 4

    I have a similar problem, suddenly I lose the FFB and the Oled screen restarts. I have tried several drivers but nothing, always the same.

    It happens to me when I turn to the right, until now I have never had the problem turning to the left.

  • Paul GapPaul Gap Member

    hi, I have already contacted fanatec support and I have to send the whole setup to the service, but I think it is the fault of the plastic QR, I'm going to buy a metal QR and check if it will work properly

  • Same issue here.

    Did metal QR help?

  • I'll update my original thread too - but I bought a Clubsport metal QR which seemed to fix the problem for a while, however I 've started it up today after several months with no issues and it keeps disconnecting again, going to RMA it, bloody useless...

  • Graeme SmithGraeme Smith Member
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    I RMA'd my wheel and they sent it back with a Clubsport metal QR attached, but still the same issue.

    It's actually worse believe it or note.

    So annoying, as my normal CSL Elite PS4 wheel works flawlessly on my base

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