Podium shifter reach for larger wheels

I'm using a Podium hub with a 350mm rally wheel. It's a flat wheel, so in theory the reach to the shifter levers would be fine. However, looking at the photo of the Porsche wheel and shifters, I think the shifters would be impossible to reach with a 350mm wheel. Can the shifters be adjusted in this way? Based on photos I think you could put a spacer between the hub and the shifter mounts?


  • This is a 360mm I hold on top of a Sparco mod-383 330mm steering wheel and it is no problem to reach the shifters for me, so if you dont have very short fingers then it should be no problem I think

  • The APM cannot be adjusted other than placing the paddles on the front or back end of the shaft. if you are a handy DIYer you might be able to create an extension.

  • Thanks, that is very helpful. To be honest, to me it looks like the shifters are quite far and my hands are not that big.

    I'm not much of a DIY guy either, but I think a spacer could be 3d-printed to give 1-2cm extra reach. It would be nice to have a Fanatec solution to this.

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