ACC: Which parameter reduces the steering stiffness?

Hi all,

My Fanatec packages arrived two days ago and managed to make a test run last night. When i use the recommended setting for CSW 2.5 and choose the wheel setting within ACC, the gain and damper settings in ACC set to 100. Although the general FFB feels great, the steering resistance is to high for both MCL v2 and Porsche 911 podium, I found 60-70 gain more comfortable to steer but the overall FFB feel reduces a lot.

According to an older version of Fanalab manual, the DRI; Drift mode should be reducing the steering stiffness but none of the values (-5 to +5) made any change to the steering stiffness.

From the manual...

"The drift mode reduces overall resistance of the wheel and lets you turn the wheel more easily. It almost works like power steering. It reduces the basic dampening of the wheel in the range of -05 to -01 and makes the wheel turn faster in the range of 001 to 005."....


I want to reduce the steering stiffness while keeping other FFBs as high as possible without clipping. Which parameter is the correct one?

Thanks in advance.

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