ACC: What is your preferred button assignments for MCL V2 and Porshe 911

As i mention in the other post, i only tested my sets yesterday for the first time. The default bindings that are loaded when i choose the wheel settings did not made too much sense. Also some of the buttons are less accessible than i visualized before. I want to personalize my own bindings. I have two button boxes with encoders and a mini (half size) keyboard and i can assign trivial or out of race functions to them as well.

Also, it looks like Fanatec double binds by long and short press options but not a third binding with shift + button option. As g920 was much smaller then my new wheels, Shift+button was easier. I felt backward with my new wheels. Still i would like to make use of it too. Do any of you use Shift + Button. Also can you assign a second function to rotary encoders using shift? I was able to assign a shift key on G920 and an encoder from buttonbox.

I would like to hear your preferences for inspiration. If you have the same wheels better but other wheels are also welcomed.


  • I was using porsche (pbme), but recently switched to mclaren v2. Here are my button layouts/mappings.

    "*" - means long press



  • Thanks. It is good to know that you can assign clutch pedals to look left and right. On YT video reviews, they were said to be axis functions only in ACC which are already covered by pedals and wheel = No usable function.

    I was also thinking to pit limiter and pit MFD to "P" button but ı thought pit limiter should be short and MFD long as timing is more crucial for the limiter function. what do you think?

  • It was not possible directly to assign analog paddles directly in game. I used Joystick Gremlin tool - to map them as vjoy buttons, then when assigning them in game, ACC recognizes them as buttons.

    Pit MFD - I use it very often, not to do settings for pitting, but to see the current track and air temperature while driving. That is why i have assigned it to short action. PIT limiter is extended, but in fact I have never used it since I have automatic pit limiter enabled in options.

  • Thank for clarification and the link.

  • Real life got in the way and i did not want spend time testing different assignment options. I am planning to try various sets next weekend.

    I made a quick hybrid of your MCL layout and fanatec's default. As i currently driving 488 EVO i assigned TC1 and TC2 and ABS and BB to little red switches. What I notice is BB changes 0.2 increments and i on tracks that i want to change several times ranging between 57%- %3% I need to push the switch constantly to set the target BB. As TC and ABS are integers and i only need to change 1 or 2 clicks and only once or twice a race i will try assigning BB and ABS to encoders and TCs to switches.

    Rotary encoders are not only in a hard place to turn but also the click stoppers limits the ability to change the parameters a lot. I used to use the encoders on my button box to change TCs, BB and ABS. Change BB %3 with them was almost instantaneous. If the MCL encoders will not be practical of BB i may use the button box.

    I will post an update after testing this weekend.

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