Windows 10 crash while in Iracing DD2

Hi, my computer keeps crashing during I racing. Started shortly after fanatec firmware update and windows update about 3 days apart. It first wouldn’t load sim at all. Then I tried everything I know windows wise. Even wiped pc clean and started from scratch reinstalled windows. That got me to the point of sim starting, but once I got to in game control settings it would crash again. So I decided it was the GPU. Installed new 3070 card. Now I can load in sim, configured in game settings, but after about 5-10 laps around Sebring l, Either game and wheel lockup or “blue screen of death”. I have reloaded fanatec drivers on PC. The DD2 and V3 pedals still have the firmware loaded and says up to date. I held power down on wheel 8sec it ran some sort of reboot but still having issue. Any ideas what left to try.


  • Not much info here. What Fanatec driver did you update to? What driver were you using previously when the system was stable? Have you tried rolling back to that driver? Have you tried rolling back the Windows update? What error is the blue screen displaying? Check crash logs - WhoCrashed makes this easy for novices - Is the system overclocked? How are temps? Are all other drivers up to date? Any HD failing? Is RAM failing? What other applications or processes do you have running? Lots to check before assuming the issue lies with the Fanatec drivers - that wouldn't be top of my list of potential causes of system crashes.

  • 352 driver originally. Then I was having shifting issues. In feb 21. To earlier this month I did the lastest firmware.

    I didn’t roll back to a earlier fanatec driver.

    I can’t roll back to earlier version on windows as I wiped my entire PC clean and reinstalled.

    I got so many different stop code and error messages from windows.

    my system was never overclocked. I switched out 1080ti and installed a new 3070 thinking that was the problem. Temps good.

    HD and ram appear to not be failing. Ran checks on that.

    I have no other applications open. The only downloaded on computer now are Nvidia driver, Fanatec drivers, and Iracing.

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