Replacement Pins showed up @ no Cost +1 Wow Very happy Camper

Hello , I hope you and all your families and doing well and staying Safe .

I just want to let you know the parts finally arrived today and I have installed the one that had broke. I like to say thank you it even seems to have fixed most the wobble issue I was having. As in I have to try a fair bit harder to cause the wobble. That should really help , I will also not remove the wheel as much as I used to. Try at least

Thank You Very much

Leonard Robinson

P.S. and the Fact that you all didn’t charge me and my waranty had expired. Is cool , Yes I know was a becoming a common issue which could make people complain . I am in your court on this Stepping up and trying to help fix issues at no cost but my boarder TAX.  Right On Awesome Move.

I am sorry for the post about nothing I was just very happy with the Services. Enough Said


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