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Hello- I'm new to SIM racing and fanatec. I'm trying to buy a full setup with CS 2.5 but my kid wants to be able to use this on xbox and his birthday was my excuse to buy this for "him". The only non-formula wheel I find available that works for xbox is the WRC. Am I missing something? Is the universal hub for xbox discontinued? If I get the WRC for now can I use it for all kinds of cars/racing ( I know it won't be ideal)? My goal is to use VR with this.



  • Interesting. It isn't in the store anymore... I didn't see any announcements. It actually looks like their stock is pretty light in general. There were a lot more products there a few months ago. I do think the McLaren rim is compatible with Xbox. Not sure though.

  • I just noticed that as well. I'm in the US and the WRC is the only round wheel compatible with Xbox other than the Formula V2. I only use the Formula V2 wheel for GT cars and F1 2020. The WRC wheel is attached to my Clubsport 2.5 base 90% of the time now and I really enjoy it. It's a great all around wheel for everything in my opinion.

  • Thanks Brian. I'd probably get the WRC for now. It's not so easy shopping fanatec stuff since everything happens online and communication is a bit slow.

  • You’re welcome, Arash. And I agree with you regarding the online communication. The WRC wheel is the sweet spot for build quality and price in my opinion. Enjoy your purchase, my friend and happy racing to you and your son!

  • I'm confused by this as well, it's not just that the clubsport universal hubs are out of stock, there just "gone". So is there a new product coming for Xbox compatibility, or is the WRC wheel our only "round" option for the foreseeable future? I have a Formula V2 but now want to add a round wheel for my Xbox Series X.

  • Good luck, the WRC wheel isn't even available anymore.

    Fortunately I have a couple Xbox Universal Hubs and bought a backup because they stopped working entirely too often.

    Now apparently Xbox users are supposed to use the 270mm Formula wheel for road cars, GT, cars, rally cars, and everything else.

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