CS Elite pedals Throttle random inputs

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I purchased the above pedals and a clubsport wheelbase in late January 2021, a few weeks ago the throttle input would randomly start inputting without me touching the pedal. The issue lasted a few hours then went. It came back last week so thinking it might be a wheelbase issue I put a ticket in. I heard nothing.... No indication I had sent a ticket in, no email confirmation and worst of all no reply. I done some research and seems the pot seems to be the culprit. This intermittent problem is driving me mad, makes the whole thing unplayable. 2 days ago I put a ticket in this time for the pedals. I submitted the ticket and since then nothing...... I was under the impression Fanatec was a quality product wit good customer support..... Any suggestions to help me out?


  • How do Fanatec actually contact you after sending a ticket in? Do they use your email or somewhere on your Fanatec account page?

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    The ticket submission system often does not work. When it does work you will receive email confirmation that a support request has been received. Several users have reported this issue to Fanatec, however they fail to accept that there is a problem and claim the system works. Until they acknowledge the failure this will not get fixed. Welcome to Fanatec support!

  • I think that is a bit unfair Gary. There are occasional issues with the support ticket system. Each time they are reported, it is investigated. There is a full-time IT team at Fanatec resolving and keeping an eye on such things.

    Andrew, on the system I see automated email notifications about successfully submitted tickets being sent to you on 22/3 and 25/3. Plus replies from support agents on 25/3 and 26/3. I see responses from you as well, so if appears that you are at least seeing the personal (non-automated) emails from support. If you are not seeing the automated notifications about the successfully submitted tickets, please check your spam folder (for example "Dear Fanatec Customer, We received your support request on 22.03.2021 at 01:03 (W. Europe Standard Time"). If you do not see these messages, please let me know.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Nothing unfair about my comments - they are an accurate representation of my experiences of the support ticket system and your response to me informing you of the issue. I said system was broken - you said it wasn't.

    You might want to look at this thread if you have forgotten. https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/comment/55397#Comment_55397

    If you keep downplaying this long running problem it is unlikely to get the resource required to fix it. Despite your full time IT support team 'resolving' this - the issue persists. Denying the issue exists doesn't make the form work again.

  • Hi,

    I was really pleased with my fanatec setup since last July (CSL Pedals LC + CSL Elite PS4 + Formula V2), playing mainly F1 2020.

    However, since a few days, I suffer the same problem : random inputs on the throttle, even without any pression on the pedal.

    While pressing it slowly, I can see some spikes also, which can explain some of my spins :)

    I tried cleaning, but no luck. It seems to be a bit worse just after starting (what I would call a cold start), and seemed to be better while pressing them full a "lot" of times, but now it comes back even while playing :( I fear the potentiometer is dead / dying.

    I put a support ticket, hopping they will handle it fast as it seems a "common" issue. However only ad a "blank email" as a reply so not sure my ticket passed through ....

    Will see, first experience with support, once again was really pleased until now, hope they will help quickly !

  • Hi,

    Quick update on my case : Confirmation email of my ticket finally came through today, and 10 minutes after I had a reply asking for more info.

    I answered the questions asked, and then again, 10 minutes after they sent me a reply, and told me that new potentiometers will be sent.

    So far so good so concerning Fanatec support, only a small bug in their support system maybe (blank email) that was solved after the easter week end I think !

  • My question is, will the problem potentiometers always going to be a problem in owning the CSL Elite pedals?

    Are the stock potentiometers the ceramic type, and if not could we upgrade those ourselves?

    Is Fanatec intending on maybe a future upgrade to a hall-effect type sensor, like is now being sold aftermarket?

    Removing the pedals from my racing rig is not a pleasant task so I hope there will someday be a resolution to this common issue that is well known across the internet and probably hurting Fanatec sales.....

  • Potentiometers are what they are. Yes, there are “better” ones out there but still overall still have same issues. Definitely agree that the Hall-Effect sensors are the way to go. But, doubtful Fanatec will put them in the CSL Pedals, as the V3 Pedals have them. They wouldn’t make 2 models meant for different price points have the same features. I would imagine though, you could upgrade them anyway you wanted if you had the knowledge and ability. I have seen many people change the handbrake to a Hall-Effect. So, I’m would assume you could possibly do the same for the petals.

  • Just an update : I received my sensor replacement ,and it is all ok again. The support was quick and really great, wanted to say that at least.

    Will see if the problem will occur again ! Thanks @fanatec

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