Nascar 25 mph FFB in iracing

I am having some ffb issues only on any and all 3 levels of Nascar vehicles when I reach 25 mph accelerating and deacceleration the steering wheel violently shakes once I hit that speed then fine afterwards. I get concerned along side of annoyed that I can expect and need be ready when it shakes the way it does. I found nothing to be able to fixed that problem other than turning the ffb off but that is not anyone would want to do to maintain good race speed. I have a Clubsport WB V2.5 with a Formula V2 SW.


  • having the same issue have no clue how to fix it I need help also

  • Hi guys,

    I just tested it myself and you're right. It doesn't seem to be unique to NASCAR vehicles, but the effect is particularly severe there, perhaps related to the asymmetrical car setup for ovals. It seems to be a general iRacing physics issue (you can see the FFB meter spike when this happens), and not something unique to Fanatec products. I have reported it directly to iRacing.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Thank you for the response hopefully this get resolved soon

  • I have heard back from iRacing - they are working on it.

  • Thank you I thought it was something I was doing wrong. Now I know it is an issue affecting others. Hope iRacing can fix this issue in the very near future

  • Thank you, so glad I found this! I've been having this issue with my new DD1 and I couldn't find any mention of it elsewhere. I thought it was something wrong with my wheelbase. I've only had this on Oval (StreetStock, Truck, Cup Cars) but when I raced MX5 just now it didn't happen. The longer I spend at 25mph, the more violent the rattle is. I find it's mainly on deceleration, but on acceleration there is a slight bump/jolt in the ffb when passing through 25mph, but not nearly as wild as when slowing down.

  • Still waiting for iRacing to fix this problem. It makes me wonder why so few people that had this problem still not reported to have iRacing be more aware of this issue.

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