Podium Hub Flex / Extra Bolt Issue

I have two podium hubs - one for the Porsche rim and Endurance module, the other connected to the NASCAR rim. Both flex quite a bit and it's because of the podium hub itself.

When I try and use the included lock down bolt, it refuses to thread in because it's just a little bit too short. When I use my own bolt, I am able to lock down the podium hub and remove the flex.

Is there a podium hub / direct drive specific bolt that I didn't receive and can request?

If I use my own bolt, is it okay to keep the "quick release" spring loaded? The bolt head doesn't clear the gap in the pull mechanism.


  • the Bolt from the DD base is longer, so you Must Use these

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    To be clear, there should be two types of 'longer' bolts in Podium wheel base packages: one for the metal 'ClubSport' quick release, which has a special head shape, and one for the old-style simplified quick release on CSL wheels, which is just a standard hex bolt used for tightening the clamping ring on older CSL wheels.

    Both of these bolts are slightly longer than the ones that come with steering wheels. They need to be longer because the thread starts in a slightly more recessed position in the shaft (compared to the shaft on a ClubSport Wheel Base or CSL Elite Wheel Base) due to location of the rubber gasket.

    If you own a Podium wheel base and are missing either of these bolts, please create a Support Ticket and we can send you one.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Dominic, could you please post the dimensions of the ClubSport QR bolt for the Podium bases?

    I have a DD1 and several wheels, (and obvioulsy several bolts), but currently I can only locate one of the bolts, and it's kind of hard to determine if it is a short one or a long one without anything to compare it to...

    It threads into the DD1 shaft, but just barely, so I think it is a short one, but hard to be sure...

    Best regards, Torstein

  • Hold on, why do we need a bolt with the Clubsport QR on the DD base?

    I just got my DD, and have attached both the Podium F1 wheel and 918 wheel just using the QR & then the gold locking collar.

    Is there a bolt that needs to go somewhere as well? I thoughts that was only for the CSL wheels?

  • You don't need that extra bolt most of the time.

    Sometimes, depending of the tolerances of the QR and the base's shaft, there might be a little bit of play, which could be annoying for some users. This could be eliminated by the use of the extra bolt, however than it's not really a QR anymore..

    If you're fine with the amount of play of your wheel(s), just ignore the bolt and affix the QR as designed with the collar nut.

  • I can't see anywhere a bolt would attach with the CS QR on the DD base?

    There's already a locking collar to push the rubber bit into the QR.

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