CLS Elite to DD1 noise

Hi everyone. My first post here but a long time lurker on the forums.

I currently have a CLS Elite which I am thinking of getting a DD1 and I have a specific question I've not been able to find a answer to. Basically is a DD wheel quieter than a belt drive?

I get quite a lot of vibration and rumble through my rig with the CLS and I wonder if it's a bit too noisy to keep the neighbours happy (my wife says it's a bit loud haha). It's mainly the standard vibration and clunkyness that I assume is standard on a belt drive becasue my previous G29 was even worse.

Alternatively is there anything I can do to make the CLS a bit less noisy?



  • I also swapped from CSL to DD. DD is much quieter. The only way to make the CSL quieter is to reduce FEI, but you attenuate detail as well as noise.

  • Thanks Gary. Does the DD have any vibration or notchy gear vibrations which I think are what's making most of the noise?

    I've tried lowering the FEi (mainly using AMS2 to test) and if I lower it enough to cancel out the noise it becomes very weak, almost to the point of negating any benefits of a decent wheel base.

  • Direct drive has no gears, hence no gear noise. Like I said before it is much quieter. It's actually one of the best aspects of the change.

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