Advice Needed on CSL Elite & Xbox

Hello all,

I am new to the forum and sim racing in general, apologies for any dumb questions as searching didn’t give much insight to my specific situation. I recently sold a G920 with intentions to pick up a used Fanatec setup, but have reservations after reading posts from the past few months. Two concerns about the CSL Elite with Xbox One X, any advice on either would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Buying used: Private seller has a complete Fanatec bundle (CSL Elite V1.1 base, P1 wheel, LC pedals, Clubsport shifter and handbrake) and agreed to $1k. All components look to be in excellent condition, but being just over a year old with 150hr estimated use I’m concerned about longevity. Recent posts here suggest Fanatec support has become non-existent, will parts availability or repairs be an issue?
  2. Xbox compatibility: Are the button mapping issues on all Xbox compatible wheels, or just those with additional inputs? I have no intention to upgrade from the P1 wheel, would just like to verify the P1 wheel, Clubsport 1.5 shifter and HB will all work as intended on the Xbox.

My end goal is to switch to PC at some point down the road after establishing a solid setup, but reading the numerous unresolved technical issues and unanswered questions posted here is....unsettling. General advice or thoughts on Fanatec vs others would also be appreciated.


  • Seems when people have good experiences they never post them. You only ever seem to see and hear about the bad stuff. I have had nothing but positive experiences with Fanatec products and their services. I wish I could give you more insight on Xbox stuff but all of my stuff is PlayStation 4. CSL Elite WB+/F1 Esports Wheel/WRC Wheel/LC Pedals/CS Shifter/CS Handbrake all Fanatec ecosystem. Some stuff does not want to work in game, I will admit, like maybe a joystick or an encoder here or there or something. With my experience I thought they were well worth the money and the products are extremely well-made. Everyone’s experience will vary. I will say though, the price you said the person is asking is honestly a little steep considering it’s all used and no longer under warranty. Not like warranty transfers anyway, just saying.

  • Thanks for the reply Josh, this is what I was looking for. I do realize the issues posted here represent a very small percentage of Fanatec in general and just wanted a bit of reassurance before jumping in. I also agree the price is steep, but that does include a seat I plan to resell. Getting a full setup including shifter and HB for <1k from a single local seller is where I justify the price point. I guess time will tell if it was the right call.

  • +1 to your reasons and decision. Definitely didn’t want to deter you from the purchase by any means. All the best luck to your purchase and usage. Come back with any questions.

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