Need help with clubsport pedals V3 because fanatec won't help...

"Hi i would like to download the firmeware of the clubsport pedals V3. 

Because when i want to update de firmware of my pedals with your app there is only the firmware of CSL elite pedals so the firmware of clubsport pedals v3 is missing and i cannot instal it.

And i can not find the firmware of my actual pedals anywhere.

It is very urgent for me to have the firmware so i can use my clubsport pedals V3 with my setup!

The images i sent you shows that there only is firmware update for 1 pedals but not mine so i can't update it."

This is the message i am trying to send them but i have the issues of the famous "new support request" that erase all my demand.

So if someone in the community would like to help a poor stranger it would be so great


  • Hi Aurelien,

    The Fanatec driver package is the same on all product pages and contains firmware for all products, including the V3 pedals.

    I will send you a private message about the support request issue.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

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