V3 rumble motor volume adjusted?

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Just got replace part for brake pedal rumble motor because couldn´t feel any rumble anymore.

Replaced it and no change, it works but do not feel anything.

Is it possible that voltage to rumble motors is adjusted with software?

There is also others who noticed same kind of act.

I have latest beta drivers and fw for V3 pedals.


  • No you cant make them stronger

  • Okay, just meant if voltage is reduced with latest V3 firmware.

    Then this is totally mystery, it worked great before, feeling under foot was strong enough, now can´t feel nothing anymore.

  • These rumble motors are tiny. For them to effectively transfer the small amount of vibration they generate to the pedal effectively they really need to be fixed very securely with minimal movement or flex. The little bent spring clip that holds the motor does a very poor job of transferring the vibration to the pedal. Sometimes moving the motor at bit helps with the vibration transfer, sometimes re-bending the clip helps. Or you could use your ingenuity and fabricate a method of holding the motors more firmly. I've been meaning to do so, but the lack of vibration doesn't bother me enough to inspire me into action.

  • Thanks for replys 😊

    If someone have better motor attachment idea, I would gladly hear tips and try out.

    Tried bend holder, move motor, screw holder directly under pedal plate...no success.

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