Shifter rod came off base. Will a m12x1.5 shifter extender work?

The threading on my shifter rod has been stripped from normal use. Does anyone know if I can just buy a shifter extender in m12x1.5 and screw that into the base?


  • The threads where the knob screws on? I struggle to see how they would strip from normal use. Easiest solution would be to bond the knob back on with epoxy.

  • not the knob but where the rod screws into the base.

  • Photos would help. Mine seems solid, secured with Loctite I presume, can't imagine how that would even come loose. But if your's has and the threads are damaged on the rod I would guess there is matching damage to the threads on the base. So you will probably need to re-tap it.

  • My friend had the same problem. I told him to ask the lathe operator for help. The lathe operator just cut him a new threading. 

  • Mine literally just did this. The threaded inside the rod strip out and can’t be screwed back on. The threads on the base seem fine. I’d like to just buy the exact rod to replace but I fear I’ll have to mod it myself since I’m impatient. I too need to know the thread size of the base. (Not the knob) so I can maybe do that...

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