How does the CSL Elite LC Pedal measure force?

I've got the CSL Elite pedal set with the LC pedal attached and I'm noticing something that's affecting my braking consistency. For quick reference the pedal base is bolted to a similar 8020 frame from below including the back of the pedal.

So the best way to describe my issue is when trying to apply brakes I have to press more down than forward or the force isn't measured accurately. If I angle my foot to push back on the pedal and fully depress it then the force measured comes in at around half of applicable brake pressure (when on the BRF at 60% and fully pressing back - the third yellow light on the CSL Elite wheel base lights up.)

If I make an effort to press more down and angle my foot accordingly by raising my heel off the base of the pedal mount then I can get the full range of brake force to apply.

I'm not sure what to do here as I've secured the mounting bolts to ensure there's no play in the mounting. I've adjusted the BRF setting to what I would be comfortable with and I've ensured that the software and drivers on my pc are up to date. I suppose it's also worth noting that the same problem is observed in both ACC on PC and GT Sport on PS4 in the respective wheel modes (Red LED on for PC and Blue LED on for PS4)

Anyone have any advice?


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    OK, so it’s sort of the nature of the beast with the CSL Elite LC. The loadcell is located in the arm of the pedal just above the rod that goes through the bumpers. So without even changing settings depending on how and where you press the pedal, meaning either if you press low on the pedal or high on the pedal, you are creating a different fulcrum point, basically, and creating a different load amount on the loadcell. So you get a fluctuation of how the brake operates even without changing the settings. Meaning you have to be extremely consistent with where exactly you place your foot on the brake pedal when braking. It can be somewhat of a pain considering some of the hectic footwork that goes on while racing.

  • Literal example:

  • That's what I suspected but I couldn't find a detailed explanation anywhere so this is perfect, thank you! I'm guessing I don't have any options to make it easier on myself aside from maybe changing the mount angle of the sim's pedal plate.

    Do the Clubsport v3's have the same issue? Might be worth an upgrade if I can't get the CSL elites to work out for me comfortably.

  • To be honest, I had to adjust how I wanted to brake, rather than truly having the bumpers I wanted in. Meaning, I really wanted to use the softer 65, because I like break travel, or did. But I was having trouble holding consistent breaking or even just having consistent breaking in the same corner lap after lap. Even after making sure my rig had zero flex and nothing else was going on. So, I ended up having to go with harder bumpers and just trying to be really consistent with where I pressed on the pedal. Well, I don’t have anywhere near as much travel as I originally wanted I now have a lot more control and it has taken some time to learn.

  • I was playing with that idea too but wasn't sure if it would actually make a difference. Sounds like it's worth trying though, thanks man!

  • I did forget to mention that my rig has a more F1 style seating position. So I press much more forward on my pedals than down.

  • Or just afjust from the BRF setting.

  • Yes, but you can always press the top or bottom of the pedal and create a different amount of force with the same foot pressure regardless of BRF setting. Pretty sure that’s why the V3’s loadcell is directly in line with the shaft that is being pressed from the brake pedal. Less deflection/fluctuation from pressing on pedal differently.

  • I don’t think the V3’s have that problem necessarily, but unfortunately from what the forums say lots of people sometimes have a myriad of other problems from the V3’s. My friend has them, so I got to try them before I chose what to buy they weren’t my cup of tea but that is absolutely just my opinion. Take with a grain of salt.

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