Since 30 april, after 2 order placed with my credit card linked to my VAT NUMBER, has been impossible for me to place any other kind of order.

I try to order different products on 1 -2 -3 -4 -5 of may several time but i always received the message attached

I try with 3 different card of VISA circuit with different plafond (one of 4000€ per day and other 2 with 2500 per day with a monthly plafond of 10.000€ totally never used in this month) but always error message. And this happen only with FANATEC site because, other payments on other site, well works

I create a new account linked to the same VAT NUMBER and trying all the credit cards but do not works.

I have wrote to FANATEC the first email on 30 april and i receive the answer on 4 of may to try different credit card and, if doesn't works, to send a message error but no answer until now having the same error attached

I call VISA to understand if it was some security problem on the card or other problems and they, after check all, do not discover any kind of problem.

I cant satisfy a lot of my customers because i can't purchase your products and i don't know the reason why credit card doesnt work into FANATE site but works well for any other online purchase.

I have orderS to place around 7-8000€ and i can't pay!!


Andrea Rossetti

ARC-Team Engineering S.r.l.s.


  • Perhaps Fanatec need to find retail distributors and stock in Gaming or PC specialist retailers globally. This would create improved service and delivery cycles. As long as Fanatec wear the cost, as the price point couldn't shift upwards. If they did, they would no longer be competitive with the likes of Simucube and Simagic now snapping at their heels now.

  • Hi Andrea,

    They are aware of the payment issue with this new website and are working on it. Have you tried running the payment through Paypal? For some people this works.

  • Hi Joseph

    Paypal isn't anymore a payment option into my account since 2 weeks.

    I had already asked the question at the time and the answer was "due technical problems we temporarily disabled PAYPAL"

    So I started using my credit card which worked well for 4 purchases until April 29th.

    But as of April 30, it no longer worked and, thanks to this problem, a loto of components i want to buy for customers simulators, it is no longer available and I'm in trouble.

    And the support service is outrageous: 7 working days to respond. Are we kidding?

    If I tell my customers that it takes me 7 days to reply, they send me to hell, they take the money back and go to buy from another supplier

  • SImilar is happening to me, nothing seems to work, no paypal, no visa, no mastercard.... I call the bank and they say everything is ok, the saw a transaction and aprooved it but didnt go through,,,, I called paypal and the same, everyhint is ok.. Must be Fanatec webseite. I have emailed them several times with no reply so far... If you find a solution, please let me know!!

    BTW, Im buying from the USA webseite, shipping to USA, with an USA paypal account...


  • Hi guys

    Yesterday one of my guys have talk with sales department via telephone and a gentle girl have answer him the problem was into their system who match some problems with VISA card and now seem working.

    Thank you Fanatec support

  • no luck for me still....

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