Fanatec V3 Inverted pedals, what oil, how to fill?

I recently pulled my V3 inverted pedals out of storage, I'm getting back into sim racing. The brake felt weird, it felt as if there was a resistance difference, half of the push was easy, then a clunk, then the second half was a heavier resistance level. I inspected it and noticed there was a drop of oil on the end of what I assume is a hydraulic oil reservoir. I think some of the oil leaked out. I researched and found that 1500 weight silicone spring and diff oil for rc cars will work in the V2s, will that work in the V3 inverted? If so, how do I fill it? I don't see anything that unscrews except a tiny set screw at the end. Also, the forum post that suggested that oil didn't specify what unit of measurement 1500 was in, but it's metric I'm sure, and I can't find 1500 weight oil on Amazon, so does anyone know what unit of measurement that would be in imperial, and what weight that would translate to?

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Christopher, the issue you've described sounds like sticky rubber bumbers to me and no loss of hydraulic oil.

    Please try the following:

    • Remove hydraulic damper (manual available from the Fanatec webshop under Pedals->Accessories-> Damper kit and/or at the V3i manual)
    • Move it by hand to see if this Stop&go feeling comes from the damper
    • Remove rubber bumbers from the brake/load cell housing (see manual of V3i, chapter "Brake Performance kit")
    • Clean housing and rubbers
    • Lubricate rubbers with Lithium grease
    • Assemble everything

    Beside that, I don't see an option to refill the hydraulic damper...

    CheeRS, Mike

  • Hi Christopher,

    The dampers for ClubSport Pedals V3 were not designed to be user-serviceable, so if you believe there is an issue with this part, I recommend that you create a support ticket via the My Products section of your Fanatec account.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Thanks for the reply guys. I do believe that there was an oil leak, there was a large drop on it when I inspected it, and the graduated sticker was saturated with oil, and fell off when I touched it. I definitely will try cleaning and inspecting the bumpers as suggested. I purchased this item quite a while ago, I doubt it is still in warranty. There is a small set screw on the knurled knob that adjusts pressure (I think?), even though the unit is not user-serviceable, would that be somewhere I could refill the oil?

    The first thing I will do is consult the manual and attempt to clean and lubricate the bumpers, as suggested. Thanks guys.

  • I attempted to create a support ticket yesterday, the website wouldn't allow me to submit one. I kept getting an error that said "please include a subject in the subject line," and no matter how many times I'd submit it, I couldn't get one to go through, so that seems to be a dead end. I did send an e-mail to an address I found with Google and got a response, so I will follow up with support and see what can be done. I love the pedals, and they were a hefty investment, so I hope I can get them running again. I'm very excited to get back into racing. See you guys on the track.

  • *UPDATE:

    I disassembled the bumper section, and without it installed, I can push the pedal freely throughout half of it's range of motion with no hydraulic resistance. After about half way, the hydraulic resistance kicks in and the pedal resistance becomes firm. I do believe it needs oil. I cleaned and lubricated the bushings, it didn't help. If I can't add more oil, and if my pedals are out of warranty, will Fanatec sell me the part I need to replace? I really want to use these pedals, downgrading to what I can afford now does not sound like a thrilling option.

  • Guys, I'm thinking of buying the V3 Damper Kit, could I use that to replace the damper that's currently on my V3 Inverted pedal set?

  • Yes, it's exactly the same.

    By the way, the small set screw you've reffered to is just to afix the knurled knob after adjustments are done, no opening to the reservoir.

    Maybe you should try another browser for your ticket first, the issue you've reported is quite common and returning now and then on different browsers....

  • Awesome, thank you. That's good advice about the browser, I'll give it a try.

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