V3 Pedals supplied with faulty load cell

I'm just going to raise this here as I'm getting no responses from the support request I've raised.

I've recently purchased a set of V3 pedals, along with a V2.5 Clubsport Wheelbase & Formula V2 Wheel. As you can imagine, I was pretty excited to set everything up and enjoy my new, fancy rig...

Imagine how disappointed I was when I found the brake sticking on partially or fully in-game :( I've been right around the settings, double checked I'd updated the firmware correctly, checked the BRF setting on the wheel etc.

It turns out to be a faulty load cell:

I'm really shocked that there isn't some kind of quality control in place to stop this leaving the factory, plus it's extremely frustrating as I'm not able to use any of my new kit now until a replacement load cell is sent to me.


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    Stating that there is not any quality control is a little ignorant. Honestly even the best companies with the best quality control have faulty product slip out every now and then. It’s electronics you just got unlucky. Your experience is still valid but don’t just throw generic statements into the Internet ether.

  • Did you check the box for enabling manual calibration? In the picture it is not checked.

  • Hi Tom,

    What you've shown there doesn't necessarily mean a faulty load cell. Did you try the pedals in manual calibration mode?

    I can see your ticket on the system. It is currently taking 1-2 working days to respond to a support ticket. I'm sure the support team will get back to you soon.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Yes, I did try the pedals in Manual Calibration mode, as stated in my ticket request, the same problem occurs, you set the min/max levels manually and after a couple of applications to the pedal, nearly half of the stroke becomes a dead zone. Or in other instances, the signal remains at maximum once the pedal is released.

    As for the statement regarding the QA, this should be a simple test to ensure the product functions before shipping. I appreciate things can 'slip through', but I've just come off a contract testing military gas masks before they are shipped out for service, so forgive me if my expectations are a little higher, I would just not expect to be sat here with over £1000 worth of kit that is unusable due to a £20 component that could've been tested in seconds prior to being packaged.

  • No you would not expect that at all, nor would I want you to in any way. But once again, these are electronic gaming devices. Not military gas masks that are meant to SAVE lives. Very wrong comparison to bring.

  • Well, II'm still sat here looking at a pile of lovely Clubsport kit that I still can't use.

    It seems sending a replacement load cell is too much trouble.

    I have to say I'm deeply disappointed with this approach to customer service.

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