Proximity sensor in Fanatec CSL Elite?

Is there a proximity sensor in Fanatec CSL Elite?

It happens regularly at the end of a Gran Turismo Sport session when I get out off my Playseat that the Fanatec CSL Elite disconnects from the PS4 with a message on screen. I need to push the PS button on the wheel to reconnect.

At first I thought this was static elelctricity going into the wheel base when touching it to get out of the seat. But then I also noticed the disconnects when only pushing on the Playseat to get out (not touching anything related to the wheel base), just coming close with my stomach to the wheel without touching it.

Hence the question: Is there a proximity sensor in Fanatec CSL Elite? And what is the purpose?


  • No proximity sensor. More likely a loose wire. :-)

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    I am sure about some lose wires (in my brain).

    But why does it always happen when I get out off the Playseat and without touching the wheel or the base (I am paying extra attention now)

    BTW the Fanatec CSL wheel is only a couple of months old

  • My CSL Elite Wheel Base is in Fanatec technical service for a similar reason. In my case, at the slightest vibration, it disconnected from the PC. Apparently, it is a problem with the USB connector of the base. The problem appeared after two or three months, but I could play without much difficulty, but the problem has been getting worse in recent months. Maybe you have the same problem.

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