Using full torque on DD1 with a wheel that has no buttons - podium hub + rim

Hi All

I have recently upgraded to a DD1 and am enjoying it, however, I wish to use a podium hub with just rim so I have a nice light wheel for rallying. Problem is I can’t enable hi torques as I have no buttons to press

I have searched google without success

Does anyone know how to enable hi torque without a button




  • Hold the wheel at 90 degrees. The Podium Hub quick guide explains this - always a good idea to RTFM.

  • +1.....Gary you made me laugh so hard I spit coffee out this morning, just got done cleaning btw, thanks. Anyway, it was your acronym which did it. My uncle was just throwing this around this past weekend, very heavily during his story telling. Just made me grin. Shit eating style.....

  • Haha - standard user error then - I genuinely thought I had read through it all but only remember the ways to do it on each different button combo

    thanks for putting me right


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