Formula Wheel v2 included button sets

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So I have had my Formula Wheel v2 for a while now (bought it on black Friday) and I have only just noticed that the button caps displayed on the first image of the formula wheel at were not included in the box, now I don't know if its the case of you either get the XBOX styled button caps or the 'racing-style' button caps which is why I am asking here. The button caps that did come with the wheel, were the ones already on the wheel which you can see on image 4, the XBOX style buttons and the buttons on image 2, which are the generic buttons which are the similar style to the XBOX ones. Are the generic ones the 'racing-style' buttons or are the buttons in image 1 the 'racing-style' buttons? If the latter is the case, should they have been included in the box, because I would like to use the buttons shown in image 1 and I would preferably not like to purchase the button kit for 30 euros.

TL:DR - Should the buttons in the first image below have been included in the box? If not do I have to purchase the extra button cap set?

The desired 'racing-style' buttons (that were not included in the box):

The generic buttons that were not installed on the wheel (included):

The XBOX buttons installed on the wheel from purchase:


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