CSL Elite Wheel Base dead?

My CSL Elite Wheel Base has just died in the middle of a iracing session. The PSU is working fine but the base doesn't appear to power on and is no longer recognised by my PC. The mode and power buttons do nothing. I have searched and can't find anything obvious but though it worth asking if Is this a known issue with a fix?

I think I submitted a support ticket to fanatec but I received an empty email back from them, no subject or content, and can not see any way to find the 'ticket' through my account/the website so I am not sure it worked. Is this normal?

Thanks in advance for any assistance,.


  • The empty response is "normal" (well they should fix it but i'm quite sure the received your ticket).

    Not sure if the CSL elite has one but if the power brick is functioning properly (how did you test it) you may think a fuse inside (not sure if the CSL has any inside) has gone dead. I would suggest just wait for the response of support on any further actions.

  • In my case, I submitted a support ticket on March 18. At the same time, I also received an empty email. On March 21, they contacted me by email, and on March 23, I had the RMA open. Don't worry because I'm sure they have received your ticket.

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    Thanks for the replies. I have now received a proper confirmation email from fanatec telling me that they have received the support ticket.

    I tested the PSU by measuring the voltage it is putting out. I don't really want to probe any deeper as that would mean opening the unit up and it is still under warranty - it isn't even a year old yet.

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