CSL universal hub issue (maybe)


Hoping for some input on a issues I have. I recently brought a new Clubsport Wheel base v2.5 and CSL universal hub to use with a Sparco wheel. The issue is I can set-up all the buttons on the hub. I test them in content manager they work fine. Also in the pit area they will also work just fine. Once I get on track (drift) the buttons stop working. Sometimes it will last one or two laps but eventually it will stop working. The force feedback and wheel inputs at first still would work just fine. Now the wheel on occasion will freak out (over center) and then needs to be reset. In order to get it back to working you have to do a reset to the full system not just the base. It seems to me that its a connection issue with the Hub to the Base. I have done the normal stuff. Checked pins, ensured it ALL THE WAY down on the base. Any suggestions on how to resolve or did I get a bad unit out of the box? Any help on this would be great... Thanks for your time......


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