v3: Spontaneous brake input after BPK installation

There was a similar post for an other pedal but not V3.

I installed the lightest combination, white + Red 12 + Red 13. When I went in to calibration the spontaneous input was almost 20% even before putting my foot on it.. I reduced the preload to 0 ( up to the white marker). It helped a lot but still 10% or so input left. Set it as minimum. As soon as I put my foot on it, even with fingers touching, a new 5-10% input is introduced. Set an other minimum. Rinse-repeat, rinse-repeat, rinse-repeat...

Currently, I got rid of the input though I guess I had to add at least 35% dead zone. The maximum braking, trail braking works perfect. The problem is minimal corrective brakes and tap brakes. They become very inconsistent. I have two questions.

1- The manual warns not to reduce preload beyond the white marker. As the preload screw becomes obsolete after BPK, reducing it helped the most, will reducing it further cause any problems?

2- Is there a way to adjust load cell sensitivity?


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    By load cell sensitivity i do not mean Brake Force (BRF). BRF adjusts the final sensitivity. What i would like to adjust is the curve of sensitivity; less sensitive at low pressure more sensitive at high press etc.

  • Gotcha, ok first I play on PS4 so if you are in PC you may have more options than I do in each game as well as the game controllers within the PC system. Onward, some games have a Brake Saturation adjust that can be made. I think that may help with what you are trying to achieve. I am not 100% positive though. Hopefully, someone on PC can weigh in with some more insight.

  • I forgot about your other question, my bad. I think going beyond the marker on the lower end may cause an unwanted gap in the cylinder between one or more of the bumper rods. That is just a train of thought from my mechanics point of view.

  • Thanks for the replies. The option in ACC is Brake gamma. It acts similar to BRF. It is linear and only changes the whole slope. When i was using G920 used to use a third party app that allows to edit the whole curve but after lghub it stopped working. I hoped fanatec had developed something like that.

    For the preload screw, the common sense is do not go beyond the marker as you said. But those elostomers pushing very hard that i feel like there will not be any gap. Still ı do not want to try without confirmation. I paid a huge customs fee almost double the price of the sets . Even if Fanatec send a replacement for free, I will not let our customs rob me for a second time. 😡

  • I don’t blame you on the fees. We could start our own form on that topic.....so let’s just not even. It might be a little bit of a pain in the butt but I would say pull all the bumpers out of the cylinder and then maybe see if you can measure the depth of the cylinder and the full stack of bumpers. Then compare to see how far you can back out before getting any gap, if even possible.

  • Does ACC have a Linearity Setting Adjustment for any of the inputs? I think maybe that might be the one to help adjust the curve. You would think after decades of gaming I would know exactly what all the terminology is.....

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