CSL Elite Racing Wheel combo

I see that at one time a CSL Elite Racing Wheel combo kit was offered for Xbox Identical to the one now licensed for PS4 for $570. Will this be offered again or is it now discontinued for good? I am getting it primarily for PC but would like the option to use it with the Xbox without the cost of another wheel/rim. Thanks for any info on this 


  • Also interested in this topic. In USA specifically.

  • I have the wheel combo that you are mentioning. I would be willing to sell it if you are interested. Less than 20 hours of use, still have box, manuals, etc....

  • I contacted support about this earlier. Just heard back:

    I'm sorry but we only offer the fixed bundles on our website under "Bundles". Furthermore, we don't sell the CSL Elite Steering Wheel P1 for Xbox One anymore

  • Check on eBay, in the USA there are two P1 Xbox/pc wheels for sale right now. They usually go for about $150 or so. Then all you need is the CSL elite 1.1 wheel base and the elite pedal set (both in stock With Fanatec right now) and you’re good to go.

    I actually have the Alcantara P1 Xbox wheel in excellent condition and I’d be willing to sell it to you for $150+ shipping. I have all original packaging and buttons, both retail and shipping boxes, and yes, the retention bolt is there as well! The Alcantara is in perfect shape and not all matted down and worn like most you’ll find.

    Im looking to trade up to a club sport level wheel or even the F1V2 so that might work. My email is [email protected],com if you are interested.

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