Firmware atascado

Se ha quedado atascado la actualizacion de un Firmware, y no reconoce el volante.

entra en bucle y no se como resetear todo.



  • Try English if you are expecting an answer. 😉

  • Good night

    Firmware, stuck.

    Fanatec is trying to install a firmware that loops, when the installation is finished, in Fanalab it does not detect the steering wheel and the firmware runs again in a loop.

    I have uninstalled Fanalab and turned off my computer, but when I reinstall Fanalab the firmware runs again.

    I don't know how you can reset the steering wheel to factory settings and start from scratch.

    I have a video where you see the error.

    Sorry for the use of the Google translator.

    Thank you

  • OKAY.


    Thanks for your help.

    I have removed the steering wheel and manually entering the fanatec page, I have installed the firmware that was stuck, even if it was not the last. then i reinstalled the firmware on the single dd2 base.

    then he asks me to put the steering wheel and tells me that his firmware is not up to date.

    Then I manually search the fanatec website for the firmware of the steering wheel that I install, and it works ok.

    Thank you very much for your help.

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