Fanatec PS4 F1 wheel is bricked & Fanatec Support is not helping :(

Purchased PS4 last year & still under warranty

After the firmware update it stopped working.

I am based out of Singapore. Fanatec support is not helping with shipping and one way shipping will cost more than 600$ for this brick.

What to do now ? :(

1700$ Down the drain ?


  • what do you mean by it stopped working? did the flash fail? does it still boot?

    what did you try after it stopped?

  • When i remove the steering from the base - The base starts normally.

    The moment i connect the steering wheel - It goes into repeated auto flash firmware mode of steering wheel again and again !!

    See the issue here -

  • What do i do ?

    Shipping costs will be north of 800$ - 1200 $

    Fanatec - Doesn't want to help with shipping :( They are ok for shipping within united states but outside they don't want to support.

    I am ok to ship wheel only - But, They are not even triaging the issue.

    Feeling helpless :(

  • so the base isn't bricked, but the wheel it seems. Did the firmware update of the steering wheel fail? Which driver package did you use to update?

  • Yes, Firmware update of steering wheel goes again and again into loop.

    Tried with latest 402 and tried other drivers as well. But the issue is same.

  • I have almost the EXACT same issue right now. new DD1 and V2 rim came yesterday, wheelbase is fine, rim causes the base to “turn off;” the OLED screen at least. I rolled back the DD1 drivers to 381 I believe and instead of turning off the OLED it just flashed me the “unsupported wheel, please update wheel firmware” message over and over. I rolled back the drivers even farther (to one of the earliest 3xx releases, forget which since It was 2am...) and it began to flash the “ATTENTION: Enable torque?” message instead.

    Tried opening a support ticket but the website’s bugged and kept insisting that I needed to enter words into the subject and a message fields, even though I did. I ended up emailing back the person that helped me with my cracked P1 quick release in hopes to start a new support ticket through them.

    Love Fanatec and have spent over $2.5k on their stuff now but I won’t lie it’s quickly becoming a love hate relationship lol

  • does the power button blink when you attach the wheel? can you open the drivers property page while attaching the wheel and see if an update is possible? I would tell the support that only the wheel seems to be bricked, as the base does work fine on its own.

    Any issues with the pins maybe?

  • Mine (im having essentially the same problem) personally doesn’t and never did from the first time I put it on the wheelbase...

  • Nate Attinello,

    I am facing the exact issue you have mentioned too - If i rollback the versions - it began to flash the “ATTENTION: Enable torque?” with the latest versions - It causes the base to “turn off;” the OLED screen. Did you do firmware update after receiving same ?

    Fanatec support simply says - Ship back the entire package - It's not an option for me since i live in Singapore. Shipping charges will be north of 600$.

    I love fanatec but the scared of their firmware releases which bricks the entire system.

    Sascha Kaymer,

    Yes, It blinks. Yes, I can open the driver properties page when wheel is not attached. Yes, I can update firmware versions of the base when wheel is not attached.

    Pins are fine on the wheel.

    Dear Fanatec - Please do something and fix the issues with firmware updates and thousands of $ wheels getting bricked.

  • did you contact the support yet? they will ask you to send the V2 back and will replace it with a new unit if the fw is bricked.

  • Update :

    Fanatec team promptly fixed the issue by replacing it with a new one !!! RCA - Issue beyond the repair. They replaced with new one !!

    Never ever i am going to touch the drivers upgrade option from now !!

    Thank You Fanatec Team !!!!!!!!!

  • Update 2 :

    I shipped only wheel with personal expense of 150 USD !!

    Kudos to Fanatec Support for a quick turnaround within couple of days !!

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