Formula V2 Vibration test not working (DD1)


I just bought a secondhand DD1 (PS4 base, but the wheel was not included). On this DD1 I use a regular Clubsport Formula V2 wheel (with regular I mean not the PS4 blue version). I use the base on PC and all the latest drivers are installed. This is what I see on the Update tab in the Fanatec Wheel Property Page:

PC Driver: 402

Wheel Base Firmware: 684

Wheel Base Motor Firmware: 40

Steering Wheel Firmware: 40

Wireless Quick Release Firmware: 6

So for some reason, the vibration test of the wheel is not doing anything. All the other tests (LED, OLED Test, ...) Do work but I have no vibration. Also in game it does not kick in. On my previous base which I sold when I bought this one (CSW V2.5), I had no problems and the vibration function was working normally.

What can I try to resolve this issue?


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