Is there any solution for xbox player to get a full use of all buttons

Hi there, Iam thinking about to buy a fanatec setup with the f1 wheel. But I heard a lot about the trouble with the button input limiter from Microsoft. All I want to know is, if there is any solution for that yet. Because if not I am not ready to pay so much money for something that work at 10% and the other 90% randomly have no function. Hope someone can give me a answer and I am very sorry about my English writing skills.


  • save your money bro. or look at thrustmasters. they just came out with a sick ferrarri F1 wheel. i actually pretty pissed.....

  • it seems its actually worse on xbox vs playstation... but playstation isnt much better

  • The core functions work, but not all the dials and switches. They could make it work if they really wanted to. Logitech is the only one with full functionality on Xbox right now.

    I personally would wait because they have absolutely no other Xbox wheels, or HUBs, for anything but CSL. They essentially told the Clubsport and Podium people, who spent a LOT more money, to take a hike. Rather than making the much needed button cluster improvements to the Xbox Universal HUB, they apparently discontinued it all together and instead are happy to announce more CSL products. I've had Fanatec geat since the first Clubsport series and 911 GT2 rim many years ago, but am at about my limit with some of this stuff.

  • Ok, thanks you two

  • I'm a little more hopeful about Xbox wheels - the fact that now even the WRC CSL wheel is "gone" from the website leads me to believe there's a new set of Xbox compatible wheels on their way and they've just been selling out the old stock in preparation for whatever the "new" Xbox solution is (and my guess is in typical Fanatec fashion the new Xbox wheels are late, hence the lack of hardly any Xbox-compatible wheels right this minute).

    I personally use a Clubsport V2.5 base with the Clubsport Formula V2 wheel and V3 pedals on my Xbox Series X playing F1 2020 and Forza 7 and am very happy with the setup. I did just order the CSL WRC last week as I was worried they were going out of stock and I needed something "round" right now for this setup. Its a big improvement over my Thrustmaster TX wheel base (which I still own) which I used a GT round rim and the F1 rim in conjunction with my Fanatec Clubsport V3 pedals via a Basherboard interface box, so even though all the buttons on Clubsport Formula V2 wheel aren't usable, I didn't "lose" any functionality coming from the Thrustmaster setup and I gained a lot in the way of force feedback resolution and overall wheel smoothness. I'm hopeful someday Fanatec and Microsoft will figure this button thing out, since the Xbox consoles are really just Windows gaming PCs at this point and it looks like some flight sim accessories for MSFS for Xbox are going to support a lot more buttons than the current Xbox controllers have.

    Fingers crossed.

  • Hope you're right. It always seemed incredible that Microsoft Xbox didn't have full PC peripheral support.

    I've used the CSW 2.5 for a couple years and love it, and used the F1 wheel for open wheel cars in PCars and GT rims for other cars. The problem is the Universal Hub buttons and Funky Switch would fail entirely too fast. MAYBE they would last 6 months. That's crazy for components that really aren't even used much.

    They need to do something because they don't have the market cornered for nice wheels on console the way they used to.

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