New customer, new DD1 base and endurance button module not recognised after update

Hi guys I’ve just bought brand new Dd1 and attached my Porsche gt3 wheel podium hub, APM and Endurance button module. When attaching wheel the fanatec logo on Endurance module was on . I did the firmware update for dd1 and now the Endurance button module screen is blank when I go back in to the update screen it says drivers are up to date. On the fanalab screen the button module is not recognised either. Thought I would try to update the podium hub on its own but can’t figure out how to do that as saying drivers up to date. I’ve had a look on here and can see there’s beta files for hub, endurance button module but as I’m new to pc and base was hoping for advice from you guys on a way of getting PBME recognised.

Thanks in advance Pete


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