CSL losing connection to rims with slight push/pulling motion

Hey all, wondering if anyone else has experienced this and had any tricks to save me from an RMA.

My P1 and v2 rims have started losing connection to my CSL base lately. If I pull even just the slightest amount towards me, both wheels lose connection, and reconnect if I push forward slightly. It’ll happen during normal racing as well. The wheels themselves don’t actually have really any play in them at all, and yes, I tried tightening the security bolts on the shaft pretty darn tight and the problem remains, even with the metal QR of the v2.

I went as far as loosening the bolts inside the QR on both wheels and turning the pin connector less than 1 degree (a tip I found in another thread), and while it did seem to actually help for a few laps, the problem persisted.

It just seems as though the metal prongs within the pin receptors in the CSL’s shaft are just not at quite enough of an angle to maintain contact with the rims’ pins when inserted. Is there a way to maybe remove the pin receptor assembly and maybe bend the prongs or something? Any suggestions?

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